Best of Navratri thalis in Delhi to turn your fast into a feast.

As the beautiful festival of Navratri is going on many people are fasting during these days for ‘shera wali mata’ means goddess of lions. During this fast goddess give a lot of strength and prosperity to the people who fast. So here we came to give a little hope and strength during your fasting time by giving you the list of places with most delicious Navratri thalis in Delhi:

  • Gulati

Although Gulati is famous for its non-vegetarian delight but their version of vegetarian food as Veg Gulati is quite famous for its vegetarian food. 

Their special Navratri thali offers every delicious thing you crave during fasts like vrat padad, sabudana tikka with chutneys, raita, kuttu puri and paranthas, fruit salad and much more. Go check out this Navratri.

Where: Pandara Road and Green Park.

  • AnnaMaya

AnnaMaya has crafted the most distinct Navratri thali. What’s special in this thali is they have to offer unique items like Buckwheat Dumplings, amrood ki sabzi, Gulab ki kheer, kuttu dahi bhalla. Don’t miss out this one.

Where : Andaz Delhi, Aerocity.

  • Set’z

Well if you are thinking that Navratri thalis only have the option of north Indian food item then Set’z gonna prove you 100% wrong because they have unique oriental Navratri thali and a coastal Navratri thali option too. So gear up for something new this Navratri.

Where: Vasant Kunj

  • MKT

MKT has also given the Navratri thali an amazing makeover and coming up in the options of coastal, oriental, and authentic north Indian Navratri thali. Go and pamper your tastebuds.

Where: Chanakyapuri 

  • Punjab grill

Punjab Grill has introduced a lavish touch into there Navratri thali and make anyone feel like having a royal feast.

Where: multiple outlets around Delhi.

  • Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

Famous for its Rajasthani and Gujarati thalis, Rajdhani comes up with their special Navratri thali every Navratri which includes their special recipe of ‘pumpkin kheer’.

Where: Connaught Place 

  • Sattvik 

Their Navratri thali starts with a refreshing Mint Chaach or spiced buttermilk. And for appetizers, there is a luscious Malai Paneer Tikka with tangy green chilli chutney. Also Sabudana Tikki with dry mango chutney which is a tad different from the usual ones prepared in Navratri, but enjoyable. Coming to the main course, the three dishes steal the show included a lavish Kaju Khoya Paneer Roll, Kacche Kele Ke Kofte and Rasmisa Aloo Tamatar garnished with foxnuts or makhana. These delicious preparations were paired with an interesting Samak Pulao garnished with pomegranate seeds. There was also a Kuttu and Singhare ki Puri which was crispy and the perfect bread to go with the thali.

Where: Saket