Best Things to do in Delhi to Enjoy Winters to the Fullest.

Winter is the best to enjoy in Delhi. The season gives us a lot of chances to enjoy several kinds of hot delight in the chilly Delhi winters. Also, these type winters are more special than before because the pace of life has slowed due to covid so you can spend a lot of quality time with your family of course keeping social distancing, sanitisation and mask for safety in mind.

  • Eat momos with abandon
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As the summer is gone it will also take the like sweat, summer hurting due to spicy food and much more. But now you can eat hot and spicy food in Delhi with no worries and enjoy the Delhi winters with a plate of momos with spicy chutneys with your family at home or Lodhi garden while social distancing. Not only momos but you can enjoy other hot delicious street food of Delhi shown in this blog.

  • Enjoy the great Delhi outdoors with the safety
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Delhi has one of the most iconic site seeing which is full of history and some places give a lot of cultural taste from around the world, as well as the modern rooftop restaurants in Delhi. It’s very amazing to spend the cold winter in the afternoon in Delhi with your family and friends. Also while enjoying the cold afternoons of Delhi keep in mind the social distancing and mask.

  • Relaxing in a bonfire with amazing food at night
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If you have access to a terrace or a rooftop in Delhi where you can do a little bonfire with your family and friend then there is no big pleasure in Delhi. Bonfire or fireplace is the best activity to do in Delhi winter along with some delicious hot food and your favourite type of drinks. Don’t miss this best winter thing in Delhi and its safe from covid too.

  • Catch a glimpse of Tibetan culture 
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Experiencing and exploring the Tibetan culture in winter could be the best thing to do in Delhi winters because it will give you the feel of actually being in Ladakh or Bhutan. Also, you can have the best Tibetan food in Delhi at this stall in Delhi. Go have some hot Chupka soup, momos, laphing and more.

  • Go on the weekend trip from Delhi to encounter snowfall
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Delhi is so near to India’s most amazing hill-stations like Shimla, Mussouri, Manali and many more. These hill stations used to get a lot of snowfall, so pack your bag and do the most memorable weekend trips from Delhi. You can check out many of best weekend trips from Delhi here.

  • Have a cup of hot chocolate
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You can have the one of the best hot chocolate in Delhi and seriously this is the most soul-soothing experience in Delhi winters. There are many places where you can sit and have the best hot chocolate with your loved ones in budget too. You can check out the hot chocolate place in Delhi here.