7 Delhi based companies which are successful

As the startup system is on the rapid growth in India Delhi has ranked on 36th position in the world for the best startup ecosystem. Talking about new startup we need to checkout 7 Delhi based old startup companies which are now the giants in the Indian market as well as international market. Let’s check it out to learn and get inspiration for your new company.

1.Neemrana Hotels

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Neemrana hotels are one of the most popular hotels chains in India. Their USP of the business is that they take up old, damaged forts and turn them into heritage hotels. Their organisation has done excellent work in the hospitality field. Also, Neemrana hotels considered as the most preferred destination wedding venue, especially for Delhi families. They have been also financially stable even amidst the pandemic. This is the best hospitality company based in Delhi.

2. DLF

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DLF Limited is a commercial real estate development company which builds residential, retail, and office properties. Other than buildings they have also built the DLF-HUDA expressway which is a 10.5 km road network in Gurugram, Haryana. Dlf is the renowned brand in Indian real estate and its best thing is it’s a Delhi based successful company.

3. MDH private Limited

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We all know about this company and all their spices. MDH limited has a dominant share in the Indian spices market. The founder is one of the oldest active CEO in the world. This Delhi based company aim to provide 100% pure and best quality providers at an affordable price. Also, MDH is involved in many charity projects.

4.Harvest Gold

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Harvest Gold is a bread manufacturing company which produces various types of bread and bread-related products like readymade rotis. The company is leading company id consumer market and inspiration to many new startups because they started their company in Delhi before India knew words like startups and entrepreneurship.


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Archies is the answer to all your gift-related questions. The company is known for its unique and attractive greeting cards. However, they later expanded their business and started manufacturing and selling other gift items. Archies Limited operates overseas too and popular brand name there too.

6.The Action Group

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Almost every kid in Delhi has heard the line ‘action ka school time’ well guess what the company is started in the very own capital of India which is Delhi. Action Group initially started as a shoe manufacturing business under name of action shoe. Soon they expanded and became successful in the different sectors like steel, chemical, health care etc.

7.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

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It is a telecommunication company owned by the govt of India. Their products and services include BSNL mobile, BSNL landline, BSNL broadband, Broadband, Bharat fibre and BSNL wing services. BSNL has a market share of over 60% in the wireless telecommunication sector.