9 Ways to tackle Delhi’s air pollution (individual level)

 As winters in Delhi are about to approach and as the Delhi becomes colder is also becomes smoggy and way too much polluted too. Starting from October till January the quality of the Delhi air becomes hazardous and it has become the story of every year. We Delhites cant leave our beautiful city and ourselves suffer like this and leave it on govt to do something, we need to wake up, do something and make the air quality better with the simple measures which we can take at our level.

  1. Car Pooling

Carpooling not only helps in decreasing the pollution but also really effective in reducing the traffic from the roads hence, cleaner roads of Delhi and clean air quality of Delhi. If one really wants to start from this step then there are many registered and safe apps like rpool, quick ride etc you can try.

2. Bicycles sharing systems 

In Delhi, many systems are being installed now where you can pick up a bike from the place and leave on another network. This system is great for people who want to travel for shorter distances at a very cheap cost. For short distance don’t pick up your car every time but try to us these biking systems. Many companies who have started this are planet bikes, yulu, green ride. Cycling can reduce really helps to decrease carbon emission in Delhi’s air and making air quality of Delhi better.

3) Public Transportation

Public transportation system is great in Delhi whether we talk about metros or buses. to improve the air quality in Delhi we at least take the public transportation for 3 days in a week if not the whole week. Why not use the Delhi public transportation system and reduce pollution in Delhi.

4) upgrade to CNG vehicle

Ditch your petrol and diesel vehicles not only because of rising pollution in Delhi air but also petrol and diesel are pretty much expensive compared to CNG. CNG is very cost-efficient and helps a lot in reducing air pollution. Delhiites seriously need this switch.

5) Every person Pledge to plant and care at least one tree in a lifetime.

If every person in Delhi pledged to plant at least one tree in some areas where they are not enough then in no time Delhi’s air pollution will be better and Delhi will be greener. This approach can help Delhi to be pollution-free for a very very long time. Pledge today to plant pollution cutter trees like neem, moringa, Jamun etc. 

6) Say strict no to plastic or at least to plastic bags.

We can try our best to say no to plastic or if we don’t have an option at least say no to plastic bags take your own cloth bag or jute bag from home while shopping in Delhi. Delhi is abundantly flowing with the plastic bags which do not get recycled and just becomes litter and later get burned which making Delhi’s air quality cancerous.

7) Electric cars

Electric cars are the future so Delhiites don’t think twice while buying the new car. There are many companies in India which are making electric cars some of the cars which are on the Delhi roads are Nexon EV, zs,ev tigor ev , kona electric and e verito. These cars are not expensive and contribute a lot to improving the air quality of Delhi.

8) Avoid the use of balloons 

Balloons are the most favourite yet most useless element is a party. Once balloons are busted they turn into small pieces which are very difficult to recycle. Balloon plastic is burned every time which contribute a lot in messing the air quality of Delhi. Eco-friendly alternatives that can be used are natural flowers, pinwheels, paper kites, paper lantern etc.

9) Start teaching your kids from a young age

Parents should have to start teaching their kids about the environment, pollution and safety measures need to be taken. Kids who start to learn these things from a young age become aware and influencing adults which lead the world in the right way. Start from the start to have a better end.