21 Famous and delicious dishes of Delhi to try at least once in a lifetime.

Delhi is famous for its mixed culture and food from all around India as well the world. The mixed identity of Delhi makes it very unique and fun. So here’s the top recommendation of the most famous and delicious food in Delhi everyone should try before death

1.Chole Bhature 

Chole bhature of Delhi are world-famous. This flavourful vegetarian dish consists of flavourful chickpea curry and bhatura which is a bread made of refined flour and they both are served with amazing pickles and salad on the side.

Famous places to eat: chache di Hatti, prem di Hatti, sita ram diwan chand

2.Aloo tikka

Delhi is famous for its chaats and Tikki comes in the delhi chaat which is a vegetarian potato patty with the perfect blend of spices, dipped inside unique chutneys and shredded veggies on it.

Famous places to eat: Bittoo Tikki Wala, Bhatia Sweets, Bengali Sweet House

3.Dahi Bhalla 

Dahi Bhalla is a flavoursome vegetarian dish which is made with fried urad dal balls topped with thick curd and drizzled with tamarind chutney and papdi which is fried flour chips. Delhi Dahi Bhalla is seriously a dish you better not miss.

Famous places to eat: Bitto Tikki Wala, Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala, Ashok Chaat Corner

4.Fish fry 

Indian fish fry is a famous no vegetarian dish which is full of masalas and considered as the paradise for your tastebuds. Don’t miss out Delhi’s fish fry made by bare hand into boiling oil in Karol bagh.

Famous places to eat: Ganesh restaurant- Chandani chowk, Ashirbad snack corner, Pirates of grill

5.Kachori with aloo sabzi 

Kachori is a crunchy patty filled with amazing spicy vegetarian filling served alongside with flavourful aloo sabzi ( potato curry). It is served hot and a satisfying meal in Delhi’s winters.

Famous places to eat: Baba Nagpal Corner- Lajpat Nagar, Sudarshan- Chawri Bazaar, Sharma Kachoriwala- Kamla Nagar


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The ingredients used in paranthas are flour, ghee, refined flour and different variety of vegetables like potato, onions, cottage cheese (paneer), cauliflower, radish etc. it’s a delicious flat stuffed bread which is eaten with curd, pickles and sometimes chai.

Famous places to eat: Moolchand Parantha, paranthe wali Galli, not just paranthas.

7.Butter chicken 

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Butter chicken needs no introduction anywhere in the world and increased the pride of Indian food everywhere. Though the world can make butter chicken no country or place can beat the butter chicken of Delhi.

Famous places to eat: moti mahal, Pind Baluchi restaurant, Rajinder Da Dhaba.

8.Paneer tikka 

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Paneer tikka is like a barbeque of cottage cheese and different vegetables served along with green mint chutney. Its smoky taste makes everyone fan of it. Paneer tikka considered as one of the most famous dishes of Delhi.

Famous places to eat: pind Baluchi restaurant, Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, Ardour 2.1 restaurant


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Momos are a dim sum dish which came to Delhi from Tibet decades ago and stole every Delhiites heart in no time. Its dim sums which are filled with vegetables or cottage cheese or chicken if you want to have a non-vegetarian snack.

Famous places to eat: Hunger Strike, Amar Colony Market, Dolma aunty momos, Lajpat Nagar, QD’s Restaurant, Lajpat Nagar


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There is a lot of variety of kebabs you will find out in Delhi. Delhi kebab is for everyone, doesn’t matter if you are non-vegetarian, vegetarian or vegan you can enjoy it in all the forms. 

Famous places to eat: Qureshi Kebab Corner Ghalib Kebab Corner, Al Kauser, Chanakyapuri

11.Chole kulcha 

Chole kulcha is also a vegetarian and vegan dish which tangy, spicy and a flavourful fun dish to have. Kulcha is the bread made up of maida and boiled chickpeas mixed with spices and vegetables like tomato and onions.

Famous places to eat: Banta ke mashoor chole kulche, Kashiram’s chole kulche, Lotan ke chole kulche 

12.Dahi ke Sholay

It is deep-fried bread roll with is filled with spiced curd and is considered as one of the best dishes to try in Delhi.

Famous places to eat: Pandit Ramsharan Sharma, Excuse me boss, Connaught place, Netaji subash place 


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After all day of having savoury everybody craves something sweet and in the Delhi summers also the kulfi of Delhi is a mind-blowing option. Kulfi is made up of condensed milk with a lot of saffron and dry fruits.

Famous places to eat: kuremal kulfiwale, Roshan di kulfi, Siyaram nanumal kulfi wale

14.Fire paan

Fire paan is paan which is set on the fire before going inside the mouth of the eater. The fire seems dangerous but its not and give a cooling sensation in the mouth and smoky taste to the paan.

Famous places to eat: Odean gupta paan, Shukla paan palace, Paanwadi


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The favourite dish of Mughal emperor is famous all around India. The biryani is prepared in an earthen pot with a lid sealed with dough and this biryani pot is served hot. You can try both vegetarian biryani and non-vegetarian biryani. It is one of the most famous food in Delhi which available everywhere in Delhi.

Famous places to eat: Dum Pukht in ITC Maurya; Al Kakori Al Kauser, Deez Biryani & Kebabs.


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Nihari is a rich, spicy broth of slow-cooked meat served with tandoori rotis or khameeri rotis. The dish is a non-vegetarian delight and a comforting delicious Delhi food.

Famous places to eat: Bara Hindu Rao area; Karim’s near Jama Masjid.


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Kathi rolls originated in India but Delhi took it over and turned it into Delhi’s most comforting food whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian. Delhi has a lot of ultimate variety of rolls.

Famous places to eat: nizam’s Kathi rolls, the rolling joint, khan chacha.

18.Gol gappe

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Gol gappe is the sweet, savoury and tangy water balls which have to be eaten in just one go. Gol gappe of Delhi is the most famous street food in India and has millions of fans.

Famous places to eat: Prabhu Chaat Bhandaar, Ashok Chaat Corner, Rasili Chaat.

19.Rabri falooda

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Rabri falooda is a dessert seen as a drink. It is the felicitous coupling of silky vercimillion, creamy thick ice cream which is rabri and black basil seed. It is a perfect drink to beat the heat and give your tastebuds a sweet, creamery and velvety punch.

Famous places to eat: Roshan di kulfi, giani’s, king’s kulfi.


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Pakore is the heavy fried vegetarian snack in Delhi. The pakora is so famous street food of Delhi that one can find this everywhere from a street vendor to shops and restaurant.

Famous places to eat: Khandani Pakodewala, Gandhiji Pakode Wale, Sitaram Pakodewala.

  • Daulat ki chaat

Daulat Ki Chaat is a magical concoction that involves milk and cream. The result is a light-as-air dish topped with saffron, khoya and sometimes nuts. It’s the closest you’ll come to feasting on a cloud. And it’s only available in Delhi in winter. Don’t miss this when you are in Delhi.

Famous places to eat: You can either head to Dariba (this is the spot in Chandni Chowk where you’ll find a large cluster of silver jewellers) and try it at many of the vendors taking rounds or even to Paranthe Wali Galli.