DELHI’S Corona Virus Update

Bhavin Ahir Avjsum2zvcg Unsplash

As the risk of the corona is getting higher and higher in Delhi that’s what makes the people of Delhi worried so as the government of Delhi. As earlier Delhi government gave removed restriction from a lot of things and activities in Delhi like opening up gyms and sports clubs, 200 people allowed in weddings etc gave a rise to corona patients around Delhi a shoot up. Also due to the rise in pollution in Delhi and the arrival of Delhi winter is increasing the corona problem more worse in Delhi. The situation in Delhi is alarming after the festive season, the people started coming out for shopping, giftings, worshipping and for many festivities needs and wants. During the festive season, the people also became little careless about social distancing, wearing a mask and avoiding contact with other people and even some were thinking that they are fully immuned to the virus and doesn’t need to take any precautions. So after keeping in mind the Delhi’s public attitude and the number of corona cases the Delhi government decided to step in with the stricter rules and regulations, which is if anyone is spotted without a mask a fine of rupees 2000 will be charged on the person. Earlier the govt allowed 200 people in functions but now there is the only limit of a maximum of 50 people allowed in functions and weddings. So let’s see that are these things gonna help or not. The Arvind Kejriwal is also urging people to stay in and requesting people who have recovered from covid to give the plasma for plasma therapy for patients.