Safety Tips for Foreigner While Travelling to Delhi.

  • Scams and a lot of scams

if you are travelling or planning to travel to Delhi then you should keep an eye on the scammers as they can be highly found on the places like historical monuments, famous Delhi markets, famous temples and also at the railway stations too. You should conscious because these people will approach you as friendly locals and say you to show around and then ask for the huge money afterwards. To know about scams and scammers please watch the videos on the youtube channel known Karl Rock. He gives a lot of safety tips for travelling Delhi for foreigners.

  • Pick Pocketers and Beggars

The streets of Delhi is very very crowded and there are a lot of beggars and pickpocketers can be found. Please do not take out your purse to help a beggar because they are can scam you and worst can happen. Also, be safe from pickpocketers every time, keep your valuables in front and tight pocket, wear zipped clothes so that you can zip up your jacket pocket or other stuff. Don’t wear chains, rings and handy bags because snatching also happens very often.

  • Wear appropriate and covering clothes

Though Delhi is people are well educated and open-minded but still everywhere there are bad people and a polluted minded people so to avoid staring, commenting fro, them wear clothes which are covering like shirts, jeans, not very skin fit joggers, jackets, sweatshirts etc. this safety tip for travelling Delhi is especially for women travellers.

  • Try travelling with few local friends

If you are planning to travel to Delhi as solo whether male or female first thing I would suggest no but you want to travel solo here then make and talk to local friends. You can make and contact locals by watching their youtube channels and asking them will they show around or you can opt for some trusted travel agency. 

  • Avoid going outside at night

If you travelling to Delhi then please avoid exploring the city in the night both for male and female. If you seriously wanna go out at night then please go with the bunch of many trustworthy local friends. Avoid going out after 9-10 pm in Delhi.

  • Avoid using public transport

Please avoid using public transport like buses, auto-rickshaws alone. If you are willing to use public transport then metros are the safest route. Please be in the special women’s department if you are a female it pretty safe and best safety travel tip to Delhi.

  • Avoid eating from stalls and drinking water from anywhere.

Please explore Delhi food with precautions and start having it with really small bites and from the decent place rather than from anywhere. Also don’t drink water from everywhere or anywhere but buy bottled water it cheap and safe.